What is included in an AC to DC ignition conversion kit?

The components included with an AC to DC ignition conversion kit can vary significantly with the applicable year/make/model of vehicle. Some of the common components are detailed below.


A new CDI box is one of the core components of an AC to DC ignition system conversion. The original AC-powered CDI box cannot be powered from DC battery power, as it is not electrically compatible and would be quickly damaged by this power source.  Often these can be mounted in the same location as the original, but may need to be relocated in some cases.

Ignition Coil

A new ignition coil is often included with an AC to DC ignition conversion kit.  It is preferable to use an ignition coil designed to work with a DC CDI box. However, in some cases the original coil is not voltage-specific and can be reused.

Wiring Harness

In most applications, a new wiring harness will be included with the kit. This is necessary to make the correct connections to reuse the stator's pulser coil for timing information, while bypassing the source coil.  It is also used to route battery power to the new CDI box.


In some cases, a new stator may be provided, or available if necessary. If the stator has an attached pulser coil, it is generally reused for ignition timing with the new CDI box. If the original pulser coil is not functional, the stator will need to be replaced. In other cases, a new stator with no source coil may be used in order to increase charging system output.