Why is DC ignition better than AC ignition?

As you've read in the previous pages, there are some significant benefits to a DC ignition system conversion upgrade kit. They include:

  • Increased long-term reliability with no reliance on failure-prone stator source coil
  • Increased long-term reliability with insufficient & varying AC-powered CDI box
  • Increased spark energy at all engine RPM from consistent DC battery power supply
  • Improved cold starting due to increased spark energy at starting RPMs
  • On some models, increase charging system output by eliminating stator source coil and increasing charging windings
  • On some models, save on parts cost and labor by reusing existing stator regardless of source coil condition since it is bypassed
RMSTATOR is the industry leader in AC to DC ignition conversion kits. All of our kits include detailed print & video instructions, with everything you or your mechanic need for an easy and quick installation.