Why Convert from AC to DC Ignition?

Many powersports vehicles, especially those that are meant for off-road and utility use are designed with AC ignition systems. This means that the power for the ignition system is produced by the stator, a charging system component that generates electrical current from the rotation of the motor.  These type of systems were used in many off-road models because the ignition system is isolated from the other electronics, and they can be more easily push-started in the event of a dead battery, or failed stator or voltage regulator-rectifier.  This sounds like a great benefit right? In theory, yes!

AC ignition systems are prone to failure

However, AC ignition systems are prone to many failures that you can read about in detail here (LINK to downside of AC ignition systems). DC ignition systems improve on these failures with more stable and powerful spark energy at all engine RPM, significantly increased reliability, and can offer increased charging system output on some models.  See the detailed benefits of this conversion here (LINK to benefits of DC ignition systems).

Take a look at the following pages detailing the downside of AC ignition systems and the benefits of a DC conversion to learn more!