The benefits of DC ignition

What is a DC Ignition System and why DO I want it?

A more stable ignition system

A DC ignition system refers to the Direct Current (DC) power source (the battery) for the CDI Box.  These systems are simple, requiring no power from the stator directly, and operate solely on the stable battery voltage. A DC ignition system does require good working stator charging coils, voltage regulator-rectifier, and of course a good battery.  The pulser or pickup coil must also be in good condition, because it is generally still used to produce a timing signal for the CDI box. 

Different custom applications

Depending on the model, sometimes a new stator with no source coil (and therefore more windings) can be used to increase charging system output. In other applications the original stator can be used, regardless of a failed ignition source coil since it is bypassed, in order to save money and installation labor.

AC to DC Conversion

Converting to a DC ignition system is an excellent upgrade for many models.  The failure prone source coil of an AC ignition stator can be eliminated or bypassed.  With a stable DC battery power source, reliability is significantly increased. This also makes for easier starting and increases low RPM performance, since the power supply does not vary much with engine speed.   With new and/or good quality charging system components (stator, voltage regulator-rectifier, battery) there are no reliability concerns keeping the battery charged consistently.  These benefits make an DC ignition conversion one of the best upgrades possible on applicable vehicles!